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$89 Wenger Ladies Watch

Usually these sales have a bunch of items for sale. And by "a bunch" we mean "more than one." But hey, this Wenger Ladies Watch is so special that it gets a sale all to itself. Sort of like how Michael Keaton gets his own row of seats on an airplane. Oh, you've never flown with Mikey K? 
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Wenger 70236 Standard Issue Ladies Watch - Price Comparisons

WOOT! Today = $89.00 + $5 Shipping. ($94.00 total shipped)
WOOT! comes in $31.55 Less than next lowest seller.

Amazon = $159.99 + Ships Free

ebay = $125.55 + Ships Free

Top One International Corp = $275.00 + Ships Free

All prices and suppliers were found a random Google search. Your own independent search may find differing and/or lower prices