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Games 4 Kidz

Fact 1: kids like to play games. Fact 2: we're selling games here. Fact 3: we really could've just ended this with fact 2. Fact 4: Fact 3 is actually adding to the very problem it's trying to point out. Fact 3: oh, and you're not, fact 4? Fact 4: look if this is about what I said on Tuesday, it's time to get over it and move on. Fact 3: I'll get over it when you APOLOGIZE!


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The few reviews at Amazon for Skittle Pool all mention poor quality.


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When young, I enjoyed "Steady Freddy", although it was called "Tip It" then. I thought my son might like it. When checking on Amazon for reviews of this new version, I found it was a penny less on Amazon than here on Woot, plus free shipping eligible. So I checked a couple of the other games. The Upset game is $3 less on Amazon, but only a couple are left. The game Don't Upset Me was a couple of dollars more on Amazon, but still a better deal than here if you add in Woot shipping.

Check before you buy! And JUST a moment you Woot (Amazon).


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