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Curtis Stone CookWAREZ

Shhhh! Don't tell anybody, but you can download kitchenware for free online now. We can't tell you where to find it *wink wink* but it's out there. Or, if you prefer to stay on Lady Law's good side, you can order some Curtis Stone cookware on the cheap from us. It's probably worth avoiding the lawsuit.
Curtis Stone official site


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I'm not familiar with his cookware line, but I think Curtis Stone is pretty cool.

The pepper grinder, sauce pan, and saute pan can be seen in this vid!

I Bet on Sky


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Anyone know where this stuff is made in? I suspect China, which would be a deal breaker.


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Any idea what the nonstick material is? If its Teflon I'll pass. If not I'm all over this.


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"Multi layer Quantanium non-stick coating". Quantanium contains PTFE, aka "Teflon".