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$5 - The Sprout And The Technicolor Watches

You want a big stretchy colorful watch, but you don't want to pay the dozens of dollars they usually cost. So instead of breaking the bank of some fancy name-brand chronographic gaucherie, why not skip your weekly polish sausage and grab The Sprout?
The Sprout from Crow Watches


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These were $6 before !


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bpr2 wrote:These were $6 before !

This site is called Sellout for a reason.

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well, these things look like they could "Improve your balance? Power? Flexibility?"....


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I bought a few of these on January 17th ($5 each, got different colors). The only working watch I had prior to these was a gift, and while it's great and has a lot of functions, it's also a bit bulky for my small wrists, and I don't really need all the buttons, so I don't wear it often.

These watches were still a bit bulky (probably about the same size as the other watch, really) - but they're much lighter. And once I got them over my hand (they stretch well), they were a bit loose and slid up my arm (like most watches do). My wrist is about 5 1/2" around, I think. Overall I'm pleased, though.

A warning about the instructions - I'm pretty sure they got the buttons backwards in the time-setting instructions. I haven't looked at any other button-related tasks yet.


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Well. I. Never.

First of all, it is a MONTHLY polish sausage, thank you very much!

And I get it at Costco with a refillable soda for only $1.50.

So there. Hmmph.

(Let's not talk about the total on the receipt they mark on the way out the door... ehh, heh, heh.)


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bpr2 wrote:These were $6 before !

Yes, they were... and they will be $4.00 soon too!

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great watch. just got it. time and date easy to set. But, the only way i can figure out how to see the date is to take it off and press the tiny button. Is there something i'm missing? does anyone know how to view the date while wearing the watch?