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Soft Goods Feel Good

Yeah, we get it. You're tough as nails and rugged as...rugged nails. But everyone needs a little creature comfort now and then. So treat yourself to something a little soft and cozy. You earned it, tough guy.


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ROGETRAY wrote:Okay, I know nothing about bedding. But, isN'T there a general rule about matching your bed colors with the carpet or the bedroom furniture?

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Since when are pomegranates orange?


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ThunderThighs wrote:

That's why you get the black and white one. It matches with everything!


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I got a duvet set last time they were up and I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed. They looked nice, but left a lot to be desired in the softness/comfort arena.

However, it was cheaper than these are, so maybe they're different.


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ThunderThighs wrote:ROGETRAY wrote:
Okay, I know nothing about bedding. But, isN'T there a general rule about matching your bed colors with the carpet or the bedroom furniture?

I think that's matching carpet and drapes. ;)


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With the Baroque set, does anyone know if the entire set is made from polyester, or is it just the duvet/comforter?


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I purchased a queen set of the 100% Rayon from Bamboo sheets, Hemp (a pale yellow), from Woot!s offer earlier this month. I don't regret that decision at all. They are a very light weight sheet and, since I live in south Fla., these are exactly what I was looking for. I would not recommend this set if you prefer heavier bed linens. They feel luxurious; silky soft, without being slippery, like nothing I have slept on before. I love the coolness when I first get into bed and they do not seem to hold in the body heat quite as bad as other sets I have,I don’t seem to toss the covers off and on throughout the night as much as I do with my other bed sheets. I’m sure the lighter fabric density has a lot to do with that. After a few washes, no noticeable shrinkage or pilling, although the initial out of package wash, the dryer lint basket was full. I take the sheets directly from the warm dryer and make the bed, so the sheets are nice and smooth, but after a couple nights sleep they do wrinkle, especially the pillow cases. Very generous in size. I have a sleep number bed (average size queen) and the fitted sheet has to be tucked in all around to reduce the excess material, but I like the overly large top sheet and the pillow cases (which are queen). If you have a pillow-top mattress or an additional memory foam topper, I would say these would fit perfect. However, this material is an animal hair magnet...my only negative about this set. If I didn't have a cat that sleeps all over the bed and sheds alot, this wouldn't be a problem, although that in itself is not a deal breaker for me. Overall I think these are awesome sheets, I love the feel and ease of care and I‘ll buy another set if Woot! offers them in other colors again.


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Can anyone tell me if the "tiger lilies" comforter set is good? I was wondering how soft it is?


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Can anyone confirm if the Hallmart 49536 Medallion 7-Piece Comforter Set-Queen is pictured correctly? There website http://www.hallmartcollectibles.com/Scripts/PublicSite/?template=ShowItemPublic&item=1492648944 has a diffrent pic?