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Bisex Callaway Golf Shoes

We were going to call these "unisex" golf shoes, but that's not quite right. What we really mean is that there are shoes for both men and women. Does "bisex" make sense? Too many connotations? We don't care! Golf knows no gender. 
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I don't know why I even bother looking at the Callaway golf shoe sales any more. I'm not in the six-sigma range of the bell curve for normal human foot sizes, so they're not going to have my size available here.


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I bought the Women's Half Lace Golf Shoe in Black & the Women's Moccasin Golf Shoe in White. The black model fit like a charm. The white model was very very tight. It seemed that when the front edge was manufactured, they made it too low. My skinny feet barely fit in it and I went a size up. The black model was PERFECT though. They are by far the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever owned. Get yours today!

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