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Two Lamps

Here are two lamps. If you're looking to buy something other than lamps, you should shop around the rest of the site. This is a strictly lamps-only affair. But only two lamps. Well, two-packs of two lamps. So four lamps. Sort of. Want to buy some lamps? 


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I don't even like Lord of the Rings (*duck*) but I get the 'Two Lamps' reference. (I'm not proud.)

On the other hand, I'm a fan of Denny's Hobbit-themed menu.

Oh, and the lamps look cool too!

I Bet on Sky


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Just wish the shades were switched. I like the black shades with the other bases.


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I love lamp


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I have the Regal lamps. Wonderful. Nice size. Pretty. Great item for a great price.


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MSUandUGA wrote:Just wish the shades were switched. I like the black shades with the other bases.

I have the pair with the tan shades and the light is very soft in my bedroom with the included lightbulbs. I am able to read by this lamp but I imagine if I was using the black shades, it would be difficult to read by.

This is a great buy. I'm considering buying another set. You could buy lamps to match all throughout your house at this price.


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The lamps come with a 13W CFL bulb. That's not much light for reading. Does anyone know what the max amount it's rated for and what type of bulb? Can you use a 3-way?



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Bought the two with black lamp shades. Looked nice for the price - but only one worked. Had to bring in the other to have it rewired - and it was fixed. I would have sent it back, but why the hassle.