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Make your Slovenly Baby an Elegant Baby

People are terrible. It's true. And they'll totally make fun of your baby for not having the sense to dress to impress. But babies can't even dress themselves! That's why you've got to help them out.
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Duckies for the tub, socks when you get out. How are the socks? Durable? Soft for little feet?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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Yikes, duckies are already sold out... I want to get some mary jane socks, but I've been holding out until I find something in the woot-off. Don't sell out yet!

Ok, you can sell out now, I got some My baby shall not be slovenly.


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The socks are adorable and a really good price!


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I require a baby so that I have an excuse to buy these socks.

What do you mean kids.woot doesn't actually sell kids? I call shenanigans.