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Gordini Gloves and Mittens

Gordini? More like Houdini, amirite? Because you put 'em on and your hands DISAPPEAR! Okay, fine. We're grasping at straws here. Just buy some gloves. PLEASE!!!! They're good gloves!
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  • (10:02 AM, 1/22/2013) bunnymasseuse helps with sizing.


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newfiepage wrote:We've got Gordini gloves to fit just about anybody. Unless you're Count Rugen, then you might want to try a mitten.
I'm just hanging out, really.


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Size chart for kiddos, per Amazon:

Gordini Glove Size Chart

Kid Sizing

Juniors: Boys & Girls
Size Numerical Size
X-Small 4-5
Small 6-7
Medium 8-9
Large 10-11
X-Large 12-13

Toddlers: Age 1-6
Size Numerical Size
XX-Small 1
X-Small 2
Small 3
Medium 4
Large 5
X-Large 6



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Last time these were offerred I bought the ladies black down mittens. Highly recommend them! They don't slide on the steering wheel, and once they warm up they keep my fingers and thumb warm - unlike regular mittens. Particularly impressed that there are 2 adjustable closures - drawstring around top as well as velcro strap closer to the wrist. $22 (with shipping) pushed my after-Christmas budget, but was well worth it, imo. Also has a clip to fasten the two together - nice feature. Now, just need to find a nice black cord to add to make them true "Loco in the Coco mittens." ;)


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Someone needs to post a photo of drinking a Black & Tan while wearing the Men's Black & Tan gloves. :-)

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I purchased a pair of these the last time they were on sellout. They are awesome! I usually have a difficult time finding gloves that fit well. Extra large fits me great with a bit of room to spare. They are quite warm.

My only complaint is that the velcro strap on the back isn't attached far enough for me to be able to tighten it down tightly on my wrists. I haven't got very big wrists, either. Just big hands. When they are strapped, it does keep them from coming off, though.


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bunnymasseuse wrote:Gloving sizing with inches listed:

THANK YOU! Did you see the sizing chart that woot posted under the ladies fleece gloves? I thought I must have midget hands since they are 2" smaller than the smallest size on woot's chart. That was worse than finding NO info for the youth sizing. Thank goodness for the comments section, though! I would have thought that woot would have it a little more together,j It's too bad that they dont. I guess that's what happens when you grow in size 10-fold - or more.

*Sigh* I miss the old woot.


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Just got two pair of the pink ladies gloves in: one set in medium and one set in large. Both sizes ran true to size. The quality is delightful. Extremely pleased with this purchase!!!