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Baby Bags from Trend Lab

Yeah, these are messenger bags and clutches for baby stuff. But don't call them a "baby clutch." That sounds disgusting, like when you turn over a leaf and see a bunch of insect eggs stuck to the bottom. Only it's babies.
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ROGETRAY wrote:I'm going to be honest; I know what a messenger bag is, but what is a tote bag? Is it the same as a messenger bag?!

I bet it's one of those fashion distinctions...

I'm just hanging out, really.


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From what I understand, a messenger bag has zippers and at least one pocket, right? Tote bags have no zippers or pockets. They also have a handle on each side rather than one shoulder strap.



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Only difference between messenger and tote are the handles/straps. Totes have shorter handles and messenger bags have a long strap that's supposed to be worn over the shoulder, across the chest.

I like the safari pink one's design, but I'm not digging the shiny plastic look...


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I think tote bags are to hang off your shoulder or hold in your hand (depending on how long the strap is), but messenger bags were initially designed for bike messengers and go across your body.