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Poll: How much chocolate?
  • 52.7% - So much chocolate! 685
  • 39.2% - Not too much chocolate. 509
  • 8.1% - No chocolate. 105
1299 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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"Enough is too much!"


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Piffle! Too much is not enough! We need to do something to stop this dangerous anti-chocolate attitude before it's too late!

Ignace wrote:"Enough is too much!"


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I ate my last sea salt caramel yesterday, so yall better have more soon!


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a super great, huge, sizable, substantial, immense, enormous, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, prodigious, tremendous, gigantic, giant, monumental, stupendous, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, mountainous, monstrous; towering, tall, high; mighty, voluminous; king-size, family-size, man-size, giant-size, jumbo, whopping, mega, humongous, monster, astronomical, ginormous, exorbitant amount.


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chocolate!... Blaaaaaa


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Where was the All the chocolate button?

I don't know.