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Teepee Your House with TP-LINK

I have no idea what any of this stuff does except internet doesn't show up in your house unless you have one. So they're pretty important.
TP-LINK official site


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What do you look for in a router these days?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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Since it gets its data from the RJ11 port, I am assuming the TD-W8101G cannot be used without a DSL connection.

In other words, unless the bridge mode can be configured to extend a network connected to the RJ45 LAN port or WiFi, I don't think you can use this only as a router or range extender. Correct me if I'm wrong...


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Make sure the antenna on your router is detachable before you buy the directional antenna.


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I owned the TP Powerline kit, after 2 months it stopped working. I tried resets, different outlets, switching them around. Ended up getting a refund from Amazon. Just my 2 cents.


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The Directional Antenna uses a RP-SMA Male connector which works with devices with a RP-SMA Female connector (as stated in the description). If your router uses a RP-TNC connection, like the Linksys WRT54G series, grab this adapter from Amazon.


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No Fair! I really want to get these range extenders but I don't want to spend above what Woot's selling them for...and Woot sold out of them too fast!


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Went with the TP Powerline Kit. Hopefully it doesn't fail as it did for the previous wooter. From the review I read, it seemed like a solid device. Really wanted the range extender, but I don't think my issue at home is with range, but the amount of devices trying to access a single wireless point. (4 computers, 2 smart tvs, and numerous smart phones)

Going to see if I can setup a wireless access point via power line for the upstairs part of the house and split the amount of devices on the access points.


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inkycatz wrote:What do you look for in a router these days?

High configurable. A console (serial) connection to configure it a GIANT plus.

I am trained on Cisco routers... maybe I am a bit biased...