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Razor Spark DLX Scooter - Your Choice

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Ummmmmm, I just came here for some jerky.....


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Did I win the jerky?


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dfunkmaster wrote:Ummmmmm, I just came here for some jerky.....

Looks like the jerky sold out - hopefully we can get it on here again for you!


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coreyking wrote:TORNADO LOVE!

Did I win the jerky?

You've reached Toyotathon. The nations longest running scooter event.


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No offense woot, but even though this is sellout.woot, I'm willing to bet this isn't the last time we're going going to see the Razor Spark DLX on the site... That being said, it is a good price and a cool product!

I Bet on Sky


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Look! They let you choose the color! That means you can pick one to match your booklet of stickers. Accessorizing is a must.