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Things That Don't Rhyme With "Meteorite"

Say what you will about this assortment of gadgets and doodads: None of them rhyme with the word "Meteorite." Nor, for that matter, do any of them rhyme with "Rotunda." Not a single one! That's the kind of carefully curated sale you can only get from Sellout.Woot.


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Have a few LPs sitting around that have been begging to be MP3-ified for years.
Couldn't pass up the turntable for $15.
Amazon reviews suggest using it solely as an MP3 maker. Fine by me.


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I bought the refurb Ooma a few months back it has worked flawlessly. It was easy to setup, and easy to work with online. I went ahead and bought the premium service for a year which is great. There are all kinds of resources online the best one was showing how to work with the telco box customer side outside the house to allow you to still use all your phone jacks in the house. Keep in mind many of the negative reviews are from people who either don't have a fast enough connection, refuse or can't setup QoS, or who expect the impossible. Buy a small UPS to power your internet connection during a power outage.


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Bought the refurb Ooma telo back in May-ish. It has been nothing short of wonderful. We hated to spend more money on more cell phones (or, gasp--a land line)for the kids we left behind at home while the majority of the household went to work. Ooma saved us. The one-time $100 plus about $4 per month eternally equals phone service to our home. As long as the internet doesn't go out, then the kids can dial 911 if they need to!


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Anyone have any feedback on the Audiosource mini soundbar?


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Beware that the IRIScan book scanner is not compatible with IOS. I bought a couple of these as gifts for IPhone users, and I don't think it is compatible. You only find out this bit of important info after opening the package and reading the fine print. External package and all the details on Woot and other website states that it is compatible with smartphones leaving out that it is not compatible with IPhones - very misleading. I haven't confirmed with the people who I gave this item to if it works with their IPhone, so I leave a little wiggle room where I could be giving bad information here. The manual does state, though, that bluetooth is not compatible with IOS. FML. Actually, the people who received it as gifts are F-gink'd.


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mine burnt up less than 30 days after I plugged it in to my computer. It started smoking, made a popping noise and that was then end of my soundbar. I am totally disappointed!