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Uhhhh...Baby Gifts! Yeah...

Well this is embarrassing. This sale was live for like four hours without any text here, and nobody even mentioned anything. Which means either nobody clicked on this sale (a distinct possibility) or nobody noticed the absence of a "humorous" writeup. Either way, we're ashamed. So yeah: Baby gifts. 

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Question for previous purchasers- is the Elegant Baby Lil' Buddies Plush Blanket as plush as it looks?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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inkycatz wrote:Question for previous purchasers- is the Elegant Baby Lil' Buddies Plush Blanket as plush as it looks?

Yes, they are so exquisite and the price cannot be beat. The contrasting trim on the blankets is so pretty and the applique is well sewn. The luxuriousness is amazing. You cannot buy a better baby blanket (or pet blanket!!!) at this price.


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I wish I had gotten this on Woot, but paid full price. I LOVE this tub, and my kid (now 1 loves it too). It's perfect for when they are not quite ready for the "big,bad, scary" full-size bathtub (and you use less water to boot). For city dwellers, it folds up to stow away when not in use. I will use this thing until he fits no more! When he wasn't sitting quite steady enough, I had one of those big sponges that I set up behind him--it worked out perfect!


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Good job finding a Princess Kate Look-a-Like!


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We love this bathtub. We only have a shower in our home, and no big sink suitable for bathing baby. Our daughter has been using this tub since she was about 6 months old, basically since she's been able to sit on her own. She's 18mos now, but the height of an average 2-1/2 year old, and it still fits with room to spare. It's easy to fill up in the kitchen sink and carry, full (well, half-full) to wherever we want. It shows no wear after a year, although we don't routinely fold it up.

Here is a review:

This is a good price; it's about $35-40 online, including Amazon, BabyEarth and Target.