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Putting together a collection of cool gadgets and gadget accessories is an art. Or it would be if art were practical. But since art just sits there, it is inherently impractical, which means collecting gadgets is better than art. We can all agree on that, right?

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You won't be hearing me say anything mean about my PixelSkin case, no sir and ma'am! How about reviews on the rest of this gear? I'm sure you've got something to add.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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Was considering the Power Pack, but it has gotten horrible reviews on Amazon.



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The built NY case for Ipad 2 sucks i bought one when it was on here last time and its a terrible product


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The Kodak Power Pack was only $7.99 last time tech.woot had it. Way to jack the price, woot.


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The Power Pack works fine though, I don't get quite half a charge on my phone out of it, but then again I have a Galaxy S3 which has a pretty huge battery for a phone. It's good to have in a pinch.


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I got the power pack on clearance (at Walmart, maybe?) a while back, and I like it. I normally use it to keep my phone from going dead when my battery is low, but I don't want to sit next to the charger to do whatever I'm doing on my phone.
It neither charges my phone as quickly as the wall charger nor fully charges my phone. But I'm okay with that. I sort of consider it an extra battery.


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Anyone have the xoom dock? can you put a galaxy s2 phone or someting else with a bottom usb on it to charge?


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does anyone know if the Speck Clear V2 13" cases work with a Macbook Air? Thanks


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I was wondering if the clear case works with the 13" black Macbook...


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TrendyBuzz Xtreme earplugs take suk to new Xtreme...