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ArchiQuest: US Capitol and Presidents

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After missing out on the head and eye massage thing I am greeted with this. Wow! Woot you really know how to burst a guy's bubble when he's looking for some xmas gifts. Might as well head out early for the football game. Get some extra tailgating in. Drink my sorrows away!


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This would be a great Christmas gift for my grandson if,...
I wanted to cause him a slow, agonizing death from boredom!


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http://kids.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5140039 is from the previous offering on kids.woot. Last time, $100, now 80. Saw this set at a museum store a couple weeks ago for 200, and it really does look well made.

Who knows, this set could be what tips the scales in a child's future. A frustrated wannabe popstar, or a possible future architect.


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Infrastructure investments? Oh, you mean Corporate Welfare and Expanding Government Bureaucracy. Ah, the wonders of leftist euphemism.