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BUILT Cases: Panties For Your Gizmos

Some people hate it when you call their electronic cases "panties," and by that we mean everybody. There's no doubt the BUILT NY people would HATE for us to call their high-quality cases as such. But guess what? We're the ones with the keyboards, so panties they shall remain. 
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Who has a BUILT case they'd like to review?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I have the 17" laptop sleeve (that was a bargain at twice this price!), the tablet carrier not listed here (but similar to the laptop holder on the upper left, just smaller) and the BUILT fliptop camera cases.

the neoprene is really thick on the sleeve, and the stitching is really secure. I abuse this case, it gets tossed around carelessly and has held up beautifully to the abuse.

The other cases get almost as much abuse and similarly are holding up great.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy these products again. In fact, i may pick up some for the holidays as gifts.


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I got the Compact Hoodie Camera Case last time around to haul my Kodak PlaySport camera (also a woot purchase!) and it works perfectly. I hooked it to the front straps of my pack and it's perfect for hiking/camping. It fits securely, provides a nice amount of padding without being bulky and I can get it out of the case in a flash without slowing my pace. LOVE it!


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Geeze did they only have 5 of the striped notebook sleeve?


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Got the computer case and a camera case for my phone the last time and am very pleased.


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Wish it was available in 12 inch


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I got the laptop case last time and I really like it! Thick material, fits my 15" MacBook Pro AND my iPad AND my phone and chargers too!