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Core Bamboo 14-Piece Kitchen Set

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I have the utensils and the cutting boards, They're pretty damn good and don't scratch up my nonstick pans (the utensils dummy)

Cutting boards are nice too, but i mean, how can you mess up a cutting board?


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last one of the night for me, Cowboydann can handle things from here. Previous woot was $6 more at $25.99 (and the woot-offs in between):

good night


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First time I've ever seen any bamboo item being noted as "panda safe". Short of a Woot shirt coming to life, is there something more to this?

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Narfcake wrote:First time I've ever seen any bamboo item being noted as "panda safe". Short of a Woot shirt coming to life, is there something more to this?

I wondered about that too. The first thing that came to mind was that no panda on it.

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I might have to buy this and send it to my Mom. She has ancient crappy kitchen utensils and like one sad cutting board. I'm tired of using that stuff when I visit. Merry Christmas Mom! Now I just need to Woot a good set of knives to send her so I'm not hacking tomatoes to death when I visit.


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I already have these cutting boards. LOVE THEM.

Woot is helping me with Christmas shopping tonight. Good deal. ;)


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$90 original price? and what about them makes it worth $90?


quality posts: 1 Private Messages richardao

Just purchased this set, 12 days ago, on Woot and paid six bucks more, but this set is worth it.
Today it's a better buy.


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Hole-y Cutting Boards!
I was just about to post a question regarding what useful purpose a hole in a cutting board might serve (this has always perplexed me), but not wanting to seem uninformed, I decided to first do a little research (using google). I found some interesting answers on various sites and thought I'd share just in case there are any other wondering wooters.

As small as the holes appear in the picture of these particular boards, their purpose is most likely described in these two quotes:

Thumb hole is designed for easy hanging from a hook or pot rack,...

The thumb hole allows you to hold it with one hand and also provides a way to hang it on the wall if you so desire.

However, apparently there are also other purposes for such holes (if the hole is much larger, or for multiple holes):

If you need to accommodate a waste chute, bain marie pot or have pins on your work surface to hold your cutting board in place, holes are a great option.

But this has to be my personal favorite:

With a thumb-hole reminiscent of a painter's palette, the bamboo cutting board will bring out the artistic side of any chef...The board also serves as a suitable presentation platter for your artful works.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages teddypimp21

I bought during the weekend; though it is a punch to the crotch seeing that the price is $6 cheaper than the Woot-Off. Still waiting for it to arrive.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages skatingbrit3

I have a question for the kitchen kings/queens out there regarding the bamboo cutting boards. How do these do with absorbsion?

If I use one of these to say do the final butchering of small game or poultry, would it be safe and clean of juices after a scrub with a sponge and dish-soap? Safe that is for then cutting up raw veggies/fruit and eating them. I have a feeling that I shouldn't let these soak to ensure sanitation.

I don't particularly mind if I should reserve these for one specific purpose, I'd rather just not ruin a cutting board I'm sure to fall in love with compared to the dinky plastic Cutco one I currently have.


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Hmmmm. Sold out before 8am Woot time. Weak.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages bbkf
honeybadger12 wrote:$90 original price? and what about them makes it worth $90?

absolutely nothing! I have this set. It isn't worth more than $15. The utensils looks like they were made by a child in shop class.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages snooty2toes

well that was fast

Beetle Breakfast


quality posts: 11 Private Messages maggiecain

I know it's sold out, but I bought these last time and love them.