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holmesla327 wrote:Correct me if I'm wrong, but the big difference between this and a ROKU w/Plex is that you have to have the content on your computer to be able to stream it to the ROKU. While this will basically allow your TV to become a monitor for your laptop/computer thus enabling you to stream online content without downloading it.

Just grabbed Plex on my Roku today. There is a "queue" functionality in which you can browse out to, say, Youtube on your computer and add a video to your Plex queue, then the queue pull it up on your TV. However, it doesn't look like you can do things like play a game on your computer and stream it through the TV. It also doesn't look like all websites/content types are compatible to add to the queue, but for being a free app on a product I already use, it's gonna be handy. Far from a replacement (for my purposes, TV = BIG monitor) for this product, though.


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I will try to answer everyone's questions with one sentence(only 20 hours late)


It is not a set-top box. It does not stream Netflix on its own. It does not have Android installed. Do not let the appearance fool you. This is a 30-foot wireless HDMI cable. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Why would I want this over a Roku?" because a Roku is not an HDMI cable. You wouldn't buy an iPod if what you needed was an Ethernet cable.

"Can I do XYZ?" Could you do XYZ with a $5 HDMI cable? If yes, then yes. If no, then no.(As mentioned above, this does require a USB port to power the transmitter.)

Personal experience: I have one of these that I bought when they first appeared on Woot, and it gets near-daily use. The prime advantage over an HDMI cable is that the dongle is very small and convenient. You can pass it around computers without worrying about it getting tangled up or knocking over stuff in the way, or you can shove it in your pocket. Why would you shove it in your pocket so that nobody can use it? I don't know, but you can!

Set-up is criminally easy. Plug the included HDMI cable into the box, plug the other end of the included HDMI cable into your TV or other display of choice, plug box into wall. You're done! It took less time to do than to read. Plug the dongle into whatever you want to stream out of, and the device handles the rest.

I personally have not regretted my purchase for one moment... though I do wish I could have gotten today's price instead of the $100 I spent on it.


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Pair this up with a PS3/ Xbox and a Sony HMZ-T1/T2 or Silicon MicroDisplay St1080 and you'll have one hell of a wireless virtual reality gaming experience


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Will this work with a MacBook or do I need a special cable?