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Kewl Toyz

It's easy to dismiss this stuff as "for babies," but have you played around with this stuff? It's super colorful, soft, and...captivating. Hee hee! Look at that! Hee hee! It made that sounds again! That's hilarious. 


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Toys for the younger set, or just the young at heart with an Angry Birds plush.

How far does your Angry Bird go?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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My sister had a baby last month and so I may be in for the activity center and toy bundle. Lemme think on it and I'll get back to you after work.


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I want angrier birds! Those are not nearly angry enough. >


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Bought the yellow angrybird during the last woot-off, a little disappointed, the size you see is actually the size you get, very small bird!!


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bought the chicco toy set last time and the toys are really great. It's a good value. Of course I jumped the gun a bit - at the time my baby was 4 weeks old and she wasn't really interested in toys. She's now 8 weeks and still not really interested in them but I'm sure she will be.. soon.

I've noticed that some people list all their woot purchases in their signature. Me? No way, no how. I don't even want to acknowledge to myself, much less anyone else, just how much $$ I've spent on woot crap since 2006.


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i got the yellow bird for my youngest, since we have a red bird and piggie. all my kids love to play with them, so now they all have one.