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Section 8 Earbuds

Represent your favorite musicians of all time with these awesome Section 8 earbuds! Well, that's assuming that one of the five artists represented is in fact your favorite, which isn't a guarantee. But between Jim Morrison, Elvis, Shakira, Def Leppard, and The Who, we pretty much covered all the greats. I'm sorry, the Bea-who?
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I bought the Def Leppard earbuds a while ago. They're really great for that instant lo-fi sound.


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I have two earbud-destroying teenagers in my house. These things are an auto-buy.

Are they great? No. But even with shipping, $3.50 for cheap earbuds is a better deal than $7.50.


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Don't wear them to do any activity- including walking.. Mine broke within a few days- I wouldn't get these IMO


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Just got my 2 sets today. The sound is pretty amazing for the price. I am not sure about the build quality, but they look sturdy. If they break, I'll let you know.

@colonelcrap please make sure these find their way into the nesxt Bucket of Coral or woot-off. I wouldn't mind another set.