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Velocity Micro Android Tablets

Keep a secret? We were going to sell stone tablets here, but then our supplier backed out. We thought about cancelling the sale but then we had all this stuff set up for a tablet sale and, well, why let that go to waste, right? So we got some Velocity Micro Android Tablets together and viola! Problem solved!
Cruz/Velocity Micro official site


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Ok, I'll bite. Where the heck is the processor spec on the T301? Talk about leaving out a major buying detail.

Anyways, gonna bite on the T301. Double the ram, double the internal storage - but same 800mhz processor as the T103, according to their site.



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here's a link to the modding community for these: http://www.slatedroid.com/forum/135-velocity-cruz-tablet/

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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For those of you thinking of getting the T301, I have one word for you...don't. Received my and can't turn it on. It has let available aps than HP Touchpad. My 1st disappointment with Woot.