NFL Vibrating Football

by Wootbot

Football Widower

Sounds like Melissa’s playing electric football again. It’s great that my wife is becoming such a football fan, even if she only wants to play it by herself.

She’s never shown any interest in football before. She thinks an Arizona Cardinal is somebody appointed by the Pope. But as soon as I brought home the NFL Premium Edition Vibrating Football Game, and showed her how it vibrates to move the players around the field, she locked herself in the bedroom with it for like an hour. Funny thing is, when she brought it back out, she hadn’t even taken the players out of the box! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that she’s a pretty slow learner. Football can be a complicated game.

Since then, Melissa takes it into the bedroom to practice alone, like, two or three times a day. I can’t wait until she’s ready for a competitive game. We’ll set up formations and throw passes and kick field goals just like in the glory days of electric football. Maybe we’ll even set up our own league. I bet she’s working on a killer game plan – just the other day she told me she’s exploring the possibilities of the dual-speed vibration control.

I keep telling her she should watch a football game or two, to pick up some strategy tips or learn the rules, but she says she’s the kind of person who learns better hands-on. Hey, remind me to go buy more C batteries, OK? Melissa’s already gone through, like, twelve of them. I guess she must really love football.

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