Log In, Want One, Sell Out: Welcome To Sellout.Woot

by Jason Toon

Oh, hey, you found us. Come on in. Try not to spill anything on the carpet. It’s brand new. Sellout.Woot isn’t much like a typical online store, so the first thing you’ll want to do is take a look at our FAQ. It spells out this whole Sellout.Woot mess in excruciating detail: one product for sale cheap every day at midnight Central time, plus lots of bad jokes and bitter arguments, all brought to you by the combined forces of Woot and Yahoo! You’re lucky we didn’t call this website something like “Yawhootoo!!”

Once you’ve committed our FAQ catechism to memory, you’re ready to share your half-cocked opinions and uninformed prejudices with the rest of our community. Whether you’re searching for answers about what we’re selling today or you just want to make some fake Internet friends to replace the real-life friends who won’t return your calls, the community forum is the place to do it.

If you’re already a Woot member, your existing account works with Sellout.Woot, too. If not, you’ll need to create a free Woot account to buy anything or to post on our forums. If you have no interest in becoming a Woot member, we recommend that you learn to manage your time better rather than waste it reading blog posts on sites you don’t care about.

If you still have no idea what’s going to happen here at Sellout.Woot, well, that makes about a million of us. Whatever it is, it should be interesting. We’ll soon see whether it’s interesting like a trip to the Louvre or interesting like a six-car pileup on the freeway.