Gourmet Coffee Cafe Pod Coffeemaker with Free Coffee

by Wootbot

You don’t grow your own coffee beans. You don’t pick your own coffee beans. You don’t cure them or process them or package them or load them onto trucks or drive them to the store. So why are you stuck with the rest of the work? Why do you have to put a filter in and measure the coffee and scoop it out? What, do you live in a sweatshop?

Not any more, you don’t. Here comes the Gourmet Coffee Cafe Pod Coffeemaker, to save you valuable time, effort, wear, and tear with its stupid-simple pod-based brewing process. Just take one of the 72 included Senseo style pods, place it in the appropriate spot in the coffeemaker, add water to the water chamber, and hit a button. Count to sixty, and hey! We have beverage!

Enjoy your morning jolt the best way: the lazy way. With the Gourmet Coffee Cafe Pod Coffeemaker, the hardest part will be deciding which of the coffee, tea, espresso, and cappuccino pods you’ll brew. Whatever you choose, be assured that it’ll give you the burst of caffeine energy you need to sit around and do nothing.

Warranty: 6 month Woot


Box Contents: