Excalibur Space Navigator

by Wootbot


Freddie bought the Excalibur Space Navigator / Together they drove his rocketship straight into a crater…

Despite the name, it cannot steer you through the galaxies
Take warning or your rocketship will end up like Freddie’s

Oooh, ooooaaaah

Freddie felt constrained by his terrestrial existence
So he recruited this doohickey for navigating assistance
And when his journey ended, this is what our Freddie said:
Nothing, ‘cause by that time, our Freddie he was dead

Oooh, ooooaaaah

Navigating through the stars isn’t as easy as it sounds
There’s no way to know which way is up and which danged way is down
In space, nobody can hear you asking for directions
Safer to just stay home and look at all the constellations

Oooh, ooooaaaah

Freddie bought the Excalibur Space Navigator
Together they drove his rocketship straight into a crater
“Be the neighborhood astronomer” it said, but Freddie thought
That the word “astronomer” was really pronounced “astronaut”

Warranty: 90 Day Excalibur


  • Find or identify constellations, stars, and planets in seconds
  • If you spot something interesting on your own, Space Navagator will tell you what you’re looking at in just seconds
  • Will tell you the five most interesting things to see in the sky each night
  • Stars, planets, meteor shows and more than 29000 events from today to the year 2020
  • Human voice guides you though easy steps
  • Educational booklet with full color photos
  • 20 constellation maps included, the voice prompts tells you which maps to load
  • Once the map is loaded, turn your body until the compass arrow points to the letter shown on the LCD, then look a to the height shown on the LCD, the illuminated map identifies the object you are looking at
  • Lights on the sides of the Space Navigator are used to illuminate star maps at night
  • Blue map lights allow you to see the mythical figures and their names
  • Red map lights allow you to see constellation figures as well as the locations and names
  • Blue and Red map lights combined allow you to see mythical figures and constellations at the same time
  • 3 AAA Batteries required

In the box:

  • Excalibur Space Navigator
  • Constellation Maps