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A dark future! A striking hero! A powerful melody! A great author! Pick at least two from that list!

Go on and get a piece of paper and a pen. No, go on. We want to do a little experiment in Venn diagrams here. You'll love it, we promise. Do you have them? You've got paper and pen? Okay, then. Here's what we want you to do.

First draw a circle that you think represents all fans of the band Rush. A pretty good sized circle, isn't it? Rush has been around for quite some time, after all.

Now draw a second circle that represents fans of the latest Rush album, Clockwork Angels. That circle's gonna overlap the first circle pretty nicely, we bet. Clockwork Angels opened at #2 on the Billboard charts!

Now let's draw a third circle and call it "People who enjoy steampunk." Look at that! Still a decent overlap with circles one and two! Pretty neat, isn't it? Who would have thought so many Rush fans would love steampunk as well?

Okay, okay, let's look at a fourth circle here: People who want to hear Neil Peart read an unabridged audiobook. Yeah, that's right. You've probably never considered this circle before. But it's true! He's done it! This unabridged audio book version of Clockwork Angels is absolutely read by Neil Peart, the drummer for Rush!

Now take a look at all those circles. Think we're done? NOPE. Pick up that pen and doodle yourself a sixth circle called "People who enjoy the books by bestselling sci-fi author Kevin J. Anderson." Go on. Doodle unashamedly. Doodle as hard as you can. And then, when you're all done, take a good hard look at the diagram you've made.

And then ask yourself the question every human being must ask themselves at least once in life: "Will I enjoy an audiobook written by Kevin J. Anderson based on a concept album plotted by Neil Peart as played by the band Rush in the 21st Century?"

Because, come on. Come on. You know in your heart the correct answer to that question.

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