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"I'm out of speaker order? YOU'RE out of speaker order. This whole SPEAKER SYSTEM is out of order." - Defense Attorney Onkyo Bluetooth

Well, it was a rough first round in Speaker Court. The Honorable Judge Sub Woofer nearly held Defense Attorney Onkyo Bluetooth in speaker contempt. It'll be a delicate cakewalk for Bluetooth if the defense wants to get out of this mess. It's time for Prosecuting Attorney High Fidelity's rebuttal.

HIGH FIDELITY: Ladies and gentlemen of the speaker jury, listen to my voice. Listen to its crystal clear tones and flawless noise reduction. Note the accurate frequency response. My time-domain response is crucial for realistic sound reproduction. I repeat: CRUCIAL for REALISTIC sound rePROduction.

ONKYO BLUETOOTH: Objection, Your Honor. 

JUDGE WOOFER: On what grounds?


JUDGE WOOFER: Agreed. Council, your rebuttal?

ONKYO BLUETOOTH: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I won't use fancy technical terms like the prosecution. All I have to say is <GLASS-SHATTERING WALL OF SOUND>

JUDGE WOOFER: The jury will now deliberate.

JURY: Your Honor, we don't need to deliberate. The defense's closing argument was super convincing and we want to go home. 


Balloons are now falling from the ceiling. Someone's bringing out a sheet cake. Looks like we've wrapped another edition of Speaker Court. Interestingly, there's no music playing.

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Onkyo 2.1CH Bluetooth Speaker System

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