Reliving the ThinkPad's domination of the Pad Open Tournament.

First round: #1 ranked ThinkPad defeats unranked camping pad with its screen tied behind its back.

Second Round: #1 ranked ThinkPad defeats #45 ranked lily pad in a match only made interesting by the fact that the ThinkPad slept through the first three sets.

Third Round: #1 ranked ThinkPad gets a by when it is determined that its opponent, the #20 ranked yoga pad is actually more of a yoga mat and thus is disqualified.

Semi-Finals Round: In a surprisingly entertaining match, #1 ranked ThinkPad is nearly upset by #11 ranked the pad from one Of those dancing games. In the end, though, its 1.5GHz and award-winning keyboard would prove too much for the young up-and-comer.

Quarter-Finals Round: #1 ranked ThinkPad takes down #4 paper note pad. A sad day for the Pad Open, as many considered this to be the veteran pad's last shot at relevence. Sadly its cinderalla run has come to an end.

Final Round: #1 ranked ThinkPad takes on long-standing rival, #2 ranked Pad Thai, prevailing in 5 sets. Afterwards the two competitors shared a touching moment, as in a moment where they touched; the Pad Thai slapped ThinkPad across the screen with one of its noodles.

But hey, not everyone has to show such grace and sportsmanship as our champion, the Lenovo ThinkPa

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Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook

Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook
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