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There is much to ENVY™®© about the ENVY™®©. Look at these features. LOOK AT THEM™®©.

All the speed and performance of a Ford Mustang but without all the reliable aspects of a Ford Mustang

The SnakeTray™ means quality snake storage. Contains leaks.

The Blood Barometer measures user blood levels in case the computer is turned into a vampire.

GiggleCore® Technology makes the touch screen laugh when touched. Then it cries.

The Am I in Omaha?© exclusive radar technology determines whether you’re in Omaha.

The Noodle Density Calculator assures pasta confidence.

SpiderGamble™ is a giant angry spider living inside one of the USB ports.

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HP ENVY X2 13" Convertible Touch Laptop
$349.99 Sold Out Electronics > Computers
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4121 International Pkwy Carollton TX 75007 U.S.A.