Today's Woot Write-up

We will Roku. (Thump thump clap)

Check out the brand-new channels you're missing ... available only on Roku!

-CageStation: All Nicolas Cage, all the time.

-Fishin’ with Hank: Fishing with a man named Hank.

-The Circus Circus Channel: Just because you’re not staying at Las Vegas’ most family-friendly resort doesn’t mean you can’t learn about its many amenities!

-Cashew: On the heels of Acorn’s success, Cashew brings you curated content from Latvia.

-Sadflix: Your favorite depressing movies. Stock up on tissues!

-DuneLoop: It’s Dune! On a continuous loop! LEARN TO LOVE IT.

-Awkstant: Classic awkward interviews! Cruise & Lauer. Phoenix & Letterman. Samuel L. Jackson and that anchor who thought he was Laurence Fishburne. All your favorites ... in one place! Updated daily.

-Moon on Demand: A still photograph of the moon. Pretend your television is a window.

-Concrete Filmz: At last, a place for concrete enthusiasts to get their fix!

-Woot Writer Cam: Remember how awesome that was?

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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

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