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The future was yesterday.

This writer is only 29 years old, and in his short time on Earth he has watched movies at home in at least five different ways: VHS, Laserdisc (yes, that's right), DVD, Blu-Ray, and streaming. This Blu-Ray player is smart, because it has Wi-Fi and apps to facilitate the transition to streaming, but it makes you wonder: What other means of watching movies will be invented within our lifetimes? 

Here is a definitive, unquestionably predictive list: 

  • Google Glass but instead of on your eye the screen is on your wall.
  • Movies in the cloud. Literally. Projected onto clouds. 
  • Robo-actors will come to your house and act out your favorite scenes
  • 4D
  • ​Clementines will be genetically modified so that when you bite into them, you're overwhelmed with the experience of watching a feature-length film. And although it will have felt like you were unconscious for the whole two hours, it will have only been a few moments in "real" time. 
  • Bigger laserdiscs. 
  • You will be provided with an online editing station, in which you can take any scenes from any movie and splice them together to your own preferences. 
  • An option will be provided for all movies to blur out Renée Zellweger's face.

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Panasonic Blu-Ray Player w/ Wi-Fi & Apps

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