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Pet gates are great for pets and for people.

Have you heard of Pet Gate Gate? It was the big scandal about pet gates. 

Supposedly, a group of rogue pet gates were not only keeping pets out of the kitchen but people too! Really stupid people only, though; like, we're people so dumb that we don't understand gates doop-de-doop-doop but still, it was a huge scandal.

It didn't help that some people tried to sweep the whole thing under the rug. Because all it took was someone else stepping on the rug and being like, "What the heck is under the rug?" and then lifting it up to find the pet gate.

The press got involved and the courts got involved and the police got involved and then they were all like, "Wait, what's this all about? Pet gates? Seriously? Why are we talking so much about pet gates?" But they liked hanging out with each other, so they decided to start a band.

The moral of the story is that pet gates make things happen.

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