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What can you keep in this Sterilite Storage Set? What CAN'T you keep in this Sterilite Storage Set!

1. Bees

2. Acid

3. The Concept Of The Void

4. The Crushing Weight Of A Black Hole

5. The Entire Three Seasons Of Lost In Space (on VHS)

6. A Small Bear

7. You, Yourself

8. A Twenty-Year-Old Lobster

9. An Electric Organ

10. Another 36-Piece Storage Set

11. The 1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12. A Spare Tire for a Subaru Outback

13. A Subaru Outback

14. 600 Inflated Mylar "It's a Boy" Balloons

15. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton

16. That TED Talk You Keep Forgetting To Watch

17. Your High School Prom

18. A Grease Fire

19. Mass Transportation

20. Jewel (The Singer)

You can store everything else in this Sterilite Storage Set. We guarantee it!

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Sterilite 36Pc Ultra-Seal Food Storage Set
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