You'll have to assemble this Proslat Garage Wall Kit yourself, but don't worry, you won't really need no education.

-yeah, and so here's my workshop out here, let me just -uff- get that light there and you can see it. Ah, there we go. Yeah, back there's my Proslat Garage Wall Kit, set that up myself. It wasn't too hard, I guess. Funny story about how I put it up there, though. That was just the weirdest day.

I was just in this mood, you know? And I figured "Oh, I'll just go down and hang up my new slatwall, and it'll be a great way to clean up my garage and look good too" and everything, and I tried to call my wife, she was upstairs, and be all HONEY I'LL BE DOWNSTAIRS but this guy kept yelling back OKAY, HAVE FUN and so I was like "What's up with that?" but instead of finding out what happened, I just focused on building my slatwall.

And then, while installing the 10 PVC panels, I started daydreaming about my days at school, you know? And I was all sad because of this time a teacher made me feel bad for daydreaming in class, and that got me thinking how maybe I could have been a sensitive rock star if only someone had encouraged me. And it hit me that, really, my life was just recycled materials, exactly like the slats in my Proslat Garage Wall Kit. Like I said, I was REALLY in a weird mood.

Anyway, it gets worse. I started daydreaming about this worm and suddenly I was taking the tools I used to hang the slats over drywall or perhaps install directly to studs via the patented hidden-screw design and making them march. And then I gathered all my stuffed animals and had a little trial, and decided I was guilty! Guilty! And so the judge, who was this worm I won at a carnival when I was eight, said I was guilty and that now I had to smash my Proslat Garage Wall Kit to pieces!

Yeah, I know. I woke up with my eyebrows shaved off and in a weird leather outfit. Turns out the male voice was just my neighbor, who'd come over to borrow a cup of sugar. Boy, did I feel stupid. Today I just consider it a momentary lapse of reason. Really, I blame Thatcher.

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Proslat 8' Garage Wall Kit with 20 Hooks

Proslat 8' Garage Wall Kit with 20 Hooks
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