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I am not a six piece towel set! I am a free individual!

Ah, there you are, 6 Piece Towel Set. Smashing day, isn't it?

Is it? I hadn't noticed. I've been covering my face with one of these towels I found in my cabana.

Oh, ha ha! Quite droll, 6 Piece Towel Set! Wearing it like a mask, eh? Is that a statement on how we're trying to disassociate yourself from your identity?

If you like. I really just forgot to bring my sunglasses.

Oh, forgot, yes. Is that a witty rejoinder about how everything in the gift shop is generic? Like "ha ha, they're all exactly the same, who can tell one person's property from another's."

You're in my sun.

Oh, the sun! The one free thing we all have! And yet, we must be rich enough to sit around and enjoy it! That's what you mean, right? Right, Six Piece Towel Set?

Oh, good lord, man, I've been trying to be polite under this towel, but I really must protest! Here, I'll take it off my face and-

What! But... you're not 6 Piece Towel Set! You're someone totally different!

Indeed. I just came out here for a vacation. But I must say, if that's how you act normally, you're really quite annoying to your friend.

Well, I-

It's no wonder he doesn't want to talk to you. Who'd answer to a crazy nickname like "6 Piece Towel Set" anyway? Why not "Gooey" or "Patso" or something fun?

L- look, this was just a big mistake. I'm going to go look for my friend.

Yes, I saw him running that way wearing an ape mask. Probably you can catch him.

An ape mask?

Yes. I don't pretend to understand this place but it's much less crowded than Ibiza. Say, if you see that giant growling bubble stalking about, tell him I'm ready to place my drink order, won't you? It might be an island based on fascist oppression but they make one Hell of a strawberrry daiquiri.

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