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This Nostalgia Electrics fridge is the right size for all those places where a time machine just can't land.

Oh, come on. Come ON. You're always yelling like HEY PROTAGONIST, THAT GUY'S CLEARLY A VAMPIRE or OH BOY, SHE'S THE ALIEN, YOU'RE SO DUMB but now that it's right in front of you... what? You don't see it? You really think this box labeled "Nostalgia Electrics" is just a 3.0 cubic foot refrigerator with a freezer compartment? Really? After watching ALL those episodes of Doctor Who?

Okay, well... far be it from us to dissuade you. Sure, yeah. Buy one and keep it full of drinks and snacks. Enjoy it. Make great big plans for how you'll fill up the included beverage tank with the liquid of your choice and dispense it from the door. Go crazy with it!

But don't blame us when some crazy man and his companions suddenly run into your kitchen, bedroom or dorm, wave politely, climb inside and then make the whole thing vanish.


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Nostalgia Electrics 3.0 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

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Nostalgia Electrics 3.0 Cubic Foot Refrigerator
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