Perfect for any space that doesn't actually lead to a secret underground cave hideout.

Well, Ms. Didiot, it IS very nice of you to decide to remodel my stately manor, but there's really no need. I do fine with what I have now. See? This is my bedroom, and I have a very nice Rubbermaid Closet Helpers to sort out my suits and shoes and hats and rubber masks with pointed ea- um, ha ha! That must be left over from my Halloween Ball! I haven't seen that in ages! Good thing my Rubbermaid Organizer gives me so much room I can stash things and forget about them! Why don't we move to the study?

See, even here, my Rubbermaid 3-Tier Storage Cart works fine. Look at how nicely my towels and bathrobe balance on those spacious wire shelves. Because that's what they are, wire shelves. Certainly not some special ladders I can climb down when the police need a special brand of assistance. Just plain ol' wire shelves with slightly raised edges.

Oh, and that? That's just where my wards sleep. That's right, in a little cupboard under the stairs. I put a Rubbermaid Retrofit Max Cubby Organ in there too. I put my oldest ward on the middle part, my middle ward on the left and the girl who isn't really my ward but sort of is goes on the right, and there's a little space for the other girl who doesn't exist any more just in case she comes back. Well, not THAT girl who doesn't exist any more, she exists again, she's just on a different Earth.

Um, I mean... ha ha ha! I use this particular Rubbermaid Organizer for my golf clothes! I was just kidding. What a joker I am! Wait, no, the exact opposite of a joker, actually. Oh, no! Forget I said that, please!

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Rubbermaid  Organization - 4 Styles

Rubbermaid Organization - 4 Styles
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