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Don't go bar-king up the wrong sound tree.

Use these: To deliver heart-pounding sound to your home.

Don't use these: As a pacemaker.

Rejected names for these products include: NoisePlank.

Benjamin Franklin said of this: “Listen up, Dog: There’s no better way to enjoy your jams! Get up on that, my nephew!”

If you traveled to the past, people would think this was a: Faerie Dungeon.

In a tell-all biography, it was revealed that these soundbars: Can’t stand the word “audiophile.”

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Sony 2.1 300W Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub

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Sony 2.1 300W Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub
$169.99 In Stock Electronics
$169.99 USD false 1 Retail EA
1 3
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4121 International Pkwy Carollton TX 75007 U.S.A.