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Ancient philosophical question: Does a dog still mark a spot if there's no spot to mark?

Sometimes I wonder if having this Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner is a good thing or not.

"Are you kidding? Your carpet is cleaner than ever now."

Right now, yes, but when you go home, that'll all change.

"How so?"

Rufus has taken marking his territory to a new level. Before I got this Bissell SpotBot, he'd leave a trace of urine then walk away. Sure, it smelled bad, but in comparison to the battle I'm fighting now, it was nothing. Rufus has tried everything to best this SpotBot. First it was bigger spots of urine, then it was more spots of urine, and lately? You wouldn't believe what happened this morning.


I go into the kitchen, a cabinet is open. I'm thinking oh, that's no big deal, Rick probably forgot to close it before going to work. Then I notice our box of food coloring, you know the kind with the four little bottles? It's tipped over, and one of the bottles is missing. Blue. Blue is missing. I'm more curious than worried at this point. It's not like food coloring's expensive, but why is it gone all of a sudden? That's when I turn around and see a spot on the carpet. A BIG BLUE spot.

"No way."

You better believe it. Rufus drank the food coloring just to make the carpet blue! I've never seen such dedication.

"But it's gone now?"

Of course it's gone. The Deep Reach™ Technology and Unique Spiral Brushing® on this Bissell SpotBot works like magic, but while I'm here cleaning up all conceivable traces of Rufus' urine, I can only wonder what he's planning next.

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Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner

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