For those who don't want to work for their comfort.

A sleeping bag? Capable of protecting you in three seasons? With a draft tube that keeps out cold air and prevents heat loss? And a drawstring hood?

Pshaw! I spit on it all!

Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't understand its value. It's just that it pains me to see campers turn their back on old-fashioned camping techniques! What was wrong with felling a tree and hollowing it? Are campers today too lazy to whistle the secret note that attracts a herd of goats, whose hides they can use to weave a comfortable sleepsack? Does no one want to braid themselves a grass tunic anymore and set it aflame?

No, today's camper must simply BUY something to sleep in! Pathetic!

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Mil-Spec Plus 3-Season Sleeping Bag (5 Colors)

Mil-Spec Plus 3-Season Sleeping Bag (5 Colors)
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