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What you do with your towels is up to you, but we've got a few ideas you might want to consider.

If you're not soaking wet right now, it's easy to not realize how much you need new towels, so we've compiled a list of things you can do with your MicroCotton 4pc Bath Towel Set that doesn't include drying yourself. Take a look:

- Wear them.

- Begin a collection of all things micro, also including microfleece and Micro Machines.

- Declare yourself the King/Queen of Towels and parade around town, carrying towels, possibly even passing them out to win over loyal subjects.

- Add them to your cart to help justify the shipping cost for buying something else you want to buy from us.

- Use them as sheets that are slightly warmer than sheets but slightly cooler than blankets.

- Make a flag.

- Capture the flag.

- Return to base with the flag.

- Dry someone who IS soaking wet.

- Form a band called "[YOUR NAME HERE] & the Towels."

- Start a towel collection.

- Use them to motivate your current towels to start being more productive.

- Keep them near as a reminder to buy more towels!

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MicroCotton 4pc Bath Towel Set-10 Colors

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