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It'll help you get things done like magic! Well, okay. Sorcery.

It's time we just went ahead and told you guys: the wheel isn't actually science. Nope! We looked into it, and apparently the most basic of simple tools doesn't even work without a few magic spells from a sorcerer! We're sorry to break the bad news to you. But, on the plus side, now you can finally understand why that person at your office who does no work STILL can't be fired. It's because they're the staff sorcerer! They make all the wheels go! And you owe them an apology.

But, in the home, it can be costly to pay a sorcerer to sit around all day, waiting until you need him. That's why we're happy to let you know that every Rubbermaid 3-Tier Rolling Cart is pre-spelled for your wheeling pleasure. Move it across a tile floor, or a cement floor, or even a rug if you dare! These wheels will roll just as good as they are able, thanks to the ancient glyphs and runes pasted across each cart's astral being.

Sorry, science! Apologies, engineering! Everything you thought was real, is wrong! It's all just tiny bits of applied sorcery that's running the world. Hooray!

(Except for telescopes. Telescopes are legit.)

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3-Tier Rolling Cart

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3-Tier Rolling Cart
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