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Knives are the start of table manners. No, really. Think about it.

It's completely possible to eat without using a knife. Go on, try it. You can just pick up your food and gnaw on it until you break off a tiny piece. Animals do it all day. It's what we're built do to, even. Knives are just an extra little thing someone invented somewhere along the way. Totally, absolutely not needed.

And yet, we'd have no table manners if there was no knife. We wouldn't need different forks if we weren't cutting the food. We wouldn't need different place settings if we were all just chewing around the kill. We wouldn't need polite conversation if our mouths were constantly gnawing, we wouldn't wear fancy dress if meat juices were running down our bellies, we wouldn't do like 90% of what we do when we eat if it didn't all start with the knife.

Society begins with that very first slice. So you might as well get some decent knives if you're going to act like you're part of civilization. Alternatively, just take your shirt off and howl in your back yard. That's cool too.

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