Sadly, a power ring is not included. Just the light.

Dear DC Comics,

Really? You're really going to let this go? Nobody over there has thought to cold call Philips and ask if you can go 50/50 on a special Lantern-themed energy light? NOBODY?

Because, you know, this light gives a human being a little extra oopmh and whumph, just the kind of thing a hero might need during a cold and gloomy winter. And what do a lot of your DC Comics readers do these days? That's right. They sit in dark places, brooding. Hey, that's not a slam. That's your brand now. Your biggest hero? Dark places, brooding. The other biggest hero? The one that used to be all about sunshine? Yeah, him! What was the latest movie about? Oh, yeah. Dark places and brooding. And what about that new guy coming up? You know, the one who used to talk to fish! Yeah, one look at that photo and we already know it's gonna be dark and brooding. And God help Wonder Woman when she finally shows up.

So do your fanbase a favor, DC. Offer them a special ray of hope. Give Philips a call and make the special BLU Energy Lantern happen ASAP. C'mon. C'monnnn. It's not like we're asking something impossible, like giving Supergirl a pair of pants.

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Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light

Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light
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