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Towels are items we all need. But that's no reason to disrespect them.

Think for a second about how amazing a simple towel actually is. It's high-quality cotton, you see. Colorfully, wonderfully soft Microcotton. And cotton is a plant! An honest-to-goodness plant!

So where did this towel come from? The sun. And the stream. And the air. And maybe a dog doing something we don't really want to discuss to enrich the roots with nutrients. And all those building blocks of life combined in the soil to be deconstructed into the smallest, teeniest molecules of existence and then were reformed into beautiful, clean, soft, Microcotton. Which was then transformed into the yarn that became these towels.

And you're just going to throw 'em on the floor? USE A HOOK, JERKFACE.

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MicroCotton Aertex 3Pc Towel Set-7 Colors

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MicroCotton Aertex 3Pc Towel Set-7 Colors
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