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If you want to make it in this biz, cub, you're gonna have to become a "yes" bear.

Buy this bear: for your next office party. Then stuff it with jewelry and booze-infused candy like a big, grown-up pinata.

Don't buy this bear: and stuff it with the expense reports you were supposed to file for your boss months ago.

In 99% of uses, this bear: is a brown noser. Get it? Cuz it has a brown nose.

Left to its own devices, this bear would: reply all to an email with a snarky remark about you, then desperately yet futily employ the "Recall" function.

In a tell-all biography, it was revealed that this bear: didn't really attend Harvard Business School.

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YesBears Giant Teddy Bear 4-Colors

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YesBears Giant Teddy Bear 4-Colors
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