Some words sound like other words and it's funny!

Whoa, sir! What are you doing?

"Uhh, what does it look like I'm doing?"

It looks like you're taking off your swim trunks, sir.

"Darn right I am! You know, this has gotta be the prudest nude beach I've ever seen. I mean, first off everyone is fully clothed--like not just in the swim suits but in like business casual attire--and now, the second I try get the party started, so to speak, you come rushing down from your tall chair to give me a hard time. Pathetic."

Well, sir, that's because it's not THAT kind of nude beach. It's actually a nüüd beach.

"Uhh, what?"

A nüüd beach. As in, n-u-u-d. With the dot-things over the u's. It's a beach for young work-from-home professionals to come to in order to keep from going stir crazy. All you need is an iPad. We supply the Lifeproof Nüüd Cases.

"Interesting. Tell me more about these Lifeproof Nüüd Cases."

Well, the most important feature, I'd say, is the Nüüd Screenless Technology, which is basically a waterproof seal that wraps around the edge of the touchscreen, so that you can still use all the basic touchscreen features, and also... uhh... I'll be honest, sir, I'd be more comfortable having this conversation if you'd pull up your swim trunks.

"Well, that's the difference between you and me. Because this is the only way I feel comfortable having this conversation."

*Sigh* As you wish, sir.

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Lifeproof Nuud Case & Stand for iPad 2/3/4

Lifeproof Nuud Case & Stand for iPad 2/3/4
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