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Stand up, college students!

Kip Harling back again. As a certified real-life totally authentic college kid and not the product of any marketing team, let me tell you: there are two types of righteousness. The first kind of righteousness is unhealthy. Like mowing some pepperoni 'za while watching the OC in your bestie's dorm hall until well past 9pm.

The other kind of righteousness is good for you. That's where this standing desk fits in. By keeping your spine as straight as the A's you're scoring on all those exams, it helps you live a happier and healthier life! (And if you really need to rest your haunches--which, like mine, are youthful--we're also selling a chair!) See, isn't life just so righteous when you're young?

Anyway, I better be going. The BMX park isn't going to shred itself, you know what I mean, fellow millennials, or whatever our generation is called?

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Stand Up Desk or Chair (Your Choice)
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