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We can't tell you what you'll get; we can, however, tell you what you won't get.

What we got here are some random comic books and cards. That's right, totally RANDOM! Some super hero ones, some other great titles, a beautiful smorgasbord of graphic glory, if you will! Although, we will say, there are a few titles we guarantee won't be in there, such as:

  • Spiderman Kidz: Little Spidey in the Big City
  • Superman-ager vs. The Rowdy Employees
  • Aqua, Man! That Band Was SO GOOD!
  • Cat Woman In the Shelter
  • Green Lantern: Green With Envy, based on Othello by William Shakespeare
  • Batman, The Musical: The Comic Book
  • Wonder Women Wakes as a Cactus
  • XXX-Men: Mutants Minus Pants

Sorry that those classics won't be included, but we're sure you'll be happy with the others!

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25 Random Comics + 10 Collector Cards!
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