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Watch out for typos!

Good morning, children! Today we're going to learn about the letter "N." The letter "N" is a very useful letter. It's one of the most often guessed on "Wheel of Fortune," and if we add it to the word "SATA" like in this HP 14" AMD E1 500GB SATA Notebook, it makes up the name of one of our VERY FAVORITE people! Can you guess who it is?

I'll give you a hint. He loves the color red and also toasty warm fires and he's ALWAYS WATCHING to see if you've been good or BAD. Still not sure? Here, let me just Google a little story that I can read to you about him. This looks like a good one. Now, repeat after me ... 

"All hail SANTA, my dark lord and master."

That's right, kids! We're talking about SANTA! I'm not sure what the whole "dark lord" thing is about though. Maybe it's because he sneaks down the chimney at night. Let's read a little more.

"Visit justice and vengeance upon those who seek my destruction."

Huh. This is kind of a weird story about SANTA. Maybe it's one of the more traditional ones from a long time ago.

"This I ask in your name, almighty and ineffable Lord Sa ... "

OH. Oh dear. I see the problem now. Seems I had a little typo, there. Whoopsie! Sorry about that, kids. Let's not tell your parents about today's lesson, mkay?


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HP 14" AMD Dual-Core 500GB SATA Notebook
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