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The Juice Overlords want you to follow their lead. Smash their dark rule! Take control! Lead the Brevilleion!

The place: a future rooftop. The year: a dark and sinister future. The scene: evil fruit-hunting robots fly high over the city, sensors tracking those who would stand against their power. But you? You slip through the electric nets and dance across the laser blasts in shoes made of freedom and glory. Because you're not bound to their system. You've got... a Breville Juicer.

You've chosen the Breville that suits you best. Compact? Plus? Multi-Speed? Elite? It's beside you as you juice up fruit, vegetables, and the sinister plans of those who would keep humanity drinking their pre-bottled nightmares. Duck left! Duck right! Tuck and roll! Those evil robots can't keep up with your vitamin-filled body! Vitamins you've gotten from drinking freshly made juice, we'll just point out.

When you stand on top of the Citadel Of Scurvy and set the captives free, they'll look up at you and say "Thank you! Thank you, mysterious rebel!" And you'll smile and say, "It wasn't just me, kid. It was all of us. Together... we are the Brevilleion."

And you'll say that even if it's not a kid. Like, if it's some 45-year-old dude, you'll still call them kid. Why? Because that's just the kind of juice-loving rule-breaker you'll be. Yeah.

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Breville Juice Fountains - 5 Styles

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Breville Juice Fountains - 5 Styles
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