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Do you like taking pictures? How about giving pictures back? Hahaha but seriously. Pictures.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I've taken in the past week:

- here's me holding a whole pizza in one hand - I won an award for that

- here's my dog wearing a sweater that says 'dog' on it...classic

- here's my grandma beating the crap out of a rogue vacuum cleaner with a ball peen hammer

- come to think of it, she doesn't own a ball peen hammer, where did she get that?

- here's a cyborg eating a hotdog

- yeah, I don't know why a cyborg would want to eat

- anyway, here's the cyborg short circuiting due to the hotdog

- here's the cyborg destroying a car with one foot

- here's the cyborg eating a telephone pole

- here's my grandma beating the crap out of the rogue cyborg with a ball peen hammer

- seriously, where did she get that hammer?

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