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You could also make it a lethargy cam too, if you really wanted.

Look, there's a lot happening in the world. Maybe some people want to be jumping off of burning cars and hang gliding down a mountain, but not you. You want to be informed! You want to eat good food! You want to read fine works of art like all those Doctor Who novels from the 1990s! Did you know they were ALL TECHNICALLY CANON? Back then, it was all people had! Unless you count The Stranger or something. Which we probably should never do.

And so, for you, an "action cam" isn't the best idea. But don't despair! Because you can ALSO use this cam to document your IN-action! Which, these days, is really a growing field. People actually pay money to observe other people playing poker, remember? Magic tournaments are a REAL THING! Thousands of people each year watch strangers play video games!

It's time we accept it: The active sports are only fun to watch when the performers are falling down. And who wants to be in a "Fail" video these days? NOBODY! So get this cam, use it to document your quiet indoor activities, and reap in the profits. That's where the money of the future is. And when they finish the domed cities, outside will just be an ugly memory from the past.

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iPM 4K 12MP UHD Action Cams w/WiFi
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