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The Yamaha PDX-B11 BT Speaker is not just a cool way to wirelessly play music from your mobile devices, it's also a scale model no-holds-barred fighting ring!

Grab a friend and throw down in the octagon! Try your skills at finger wrestling! Finger jui jitsu! Finger Thai kickboxing! Finger capoeira and finger krav maga!

Queue up your playlist and blast Eye of the Tiger as you grapple, throw, hit and subdue your friends! Only the strongest fingers prevail!

With the exciting "Wah-wah" sad trombone sound* you can even gloat over the loser! It's a speaker! It's a fighting ring! It's got it ALL!

*"Wah-wah" sad trombone sound is not included with purchase and must be added via Bluetooth in your own time, legal penalties for illicit downloading of "wah-wah" sad trombone sounds may apply, consult your local law enforcement for more information, keep your nose clean, kid, if you don't wanna wind up down the big river hoosgow clink**.

** Clink sound is not included with purchase

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Yamaha Portable Bluetooth Powered Speaker System

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Yamaha Portable Bluetooth Powered Speaker System
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