You can save all kinds of stuff on your Western Digital My Passport Hard Drives:

An MP3 of to a toddler playing a plastic trumpet across the street from a construction job

The new audiobook "Kitten Sneezes"

An entire season of The Bee Gossip Podcast (they love royal news)

An e-book about the history of one-measure flute trill concertos

Multi-track recorder software you'll use to produce your friend's new rap concept album about a new art film that is just a compilation of elbows bumping kitchen counters

A small movie file containing a passionate reading of the periodic table by Charlie Sheen

An Excel document keeping track of when your coworker and cubiclemate clips their toenails

The original art from your webcomic about being a powerful horse under full gallop that also just happens to be laden with Western Digital My Passport Hard Drives

Audiophile-level OGG and FLAC files of a miter saw's rendition of the Die Fledermaus overture from 1968.

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WD 2TB MyPassport Ultra Hard Drives
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