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There are times in life when you want a giant TV. And then there are times in life when you want a reasonable monitor.

In today's world of 90" flat screens, a 23" monitor isn't such a big deal. But in today's world of 90" flat screens, you're also not moving them around so much either. Remember those days in childhood when you'd get sick and Dad would carry the TV in so you could watch it in your bedroom? You can't do that with a 90" flat screen, even if Dad is built like an action movie superstar. But what CAN you do it with? A 23" monitor.

And now you're getting the picture. Because a 23" monitor and a laptop (not included) is absolutely the sort of thing you can take from place to place when you feel like using it in a different part of the house. It'll work for your Netflix viewing, and your gaming, and your work, and your whatever-it-is-you-do-on-a-computer-s. What it won't do is make you stare at it in sadness, wondering when you can have a friend come over and help you rearrange your living room just to get that damned glare off the screen.

Sometimes tiny really does have advantages.

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Acer H236HL 23" H6 Series LED LCD Monitor
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