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Let Computer Guru* (*self-proclaimed) Relx Blalringtoln guide you through the history and guidelines of the 'Lap Top' Computer craze.

Hi, I'm Relx. I want you to sit down. Place your hands on your lap. Imagine your hands are a computer. You've stepped into a larger world.

Many people don't understand that laptops date back to the 1800s when Columbus discovered electricity and salsa. That's OK, I'm here to help. Come into my office. Just move those boxes anywhere.

Now have a seat. Better use that box, this one's full of tarantulas. Look at this diagram of an HP Pavilion laptop. Now look at this sketch of a rectangle drawn in 1822. The similarities are undeniable. Come into my kitchen, I'll show you more.

I made this grilled cheese earlier, would you like one? You see, laptops weren't always the next step in computing technology. Many prototypes came first, such as the foottop, hairtop, and mouthtop. But the entire industry knew they'd struck gold in 1991 when Dr. Jenny von Laptop invented the world's first Think Chair, upon which sat a person who came up with the laptop. Come into my bathroom. Real quick.

*flush* Well, that just about covers it. I'm Relx Blalringtoln, and you've been owned by knowledge.  

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