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Sometimes we all just need a little extra humidity. EVEN YOU, SIR OR MADAME. EVEN YOU.

FACT: Humans are 100% water if you round up.

FACT: Humans lose water every day just by existing.

FACT: If you don't replace your lost water with new water, you're a waterless human.


Look, we're all on this hyper-moist planet, and until we figure out how to evolve into beings of pure energy like on Babylon 5, we've gotta make do. That's the major reason we need humidifiers. Because if we don't have water in the air... well, air without water becomes desert air. And desert air leads to rattlesnakes and vultures and cow skulls. And what are you going to do with a house full of cow skulls? Do you even know where you'd PUT cow skulls? Would you move the couch or something? Then where would the vultures sit?

So, let's recap. Water => life. No water => vultures and cow skulls. The choice is yours. Buy a Rowenta Humidifier or get back to work on becoming a being of pure energy. And here's something worth keeping in mind: beings of pure energy can't watch TV and eat potato chips.

Think of what you'd be giving up.

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Rowenta Ultrasonic Warm Mist 360 Humidifier
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